Q&A on Creativity and Space with Diana Meredith

Artist Diana Meredith's Studio

It came as no surprise that after thanking Diana Meredith – independent artist, writer and critical thinker – for letting me interview her in her Wiltshire Avenue studio, located in the Junction district of Toronto, she replied with, “I only wish I had remembered to show you the bathroom where I’m storing art in the shower!”

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Local Economy Profile: Varsity Brown

Varsity Brown Interior shot

The path to entrepreneurship has had one common denominator for Matt Boston, designer, leathersmith and owner of Varsity Brown (VB), a leather goods shop in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood of West Toronto.

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The Collector: Rob Davis, Toronto

POLICE INTERROGATION #3, Stephen Fakiyesi, 1995 lino cut.

Hearing the many stories about how Rob Davis, a governmental relations consultant in Toronto, came about each piece of art in his home, one would think that his collection was amassed over many years of unintended purchases: Continue reading