Leather Scraps for sale on Etsy Staple Remover Upholstery Tool Kit on Etsy
Various 3lbs Scrap leather bags for DIY projects. Professional upholstery staple remover. This upholstery kit is ideal for the beginner.
Quick Nailer available on Etsy Spray Gun available on Etsy Magnetic Tack Hammer Available on Etsy
Use it to evenly space nails like a pro. Low-pressure adhesive spray gun The all-purpose upholstery tack hammer
Upholstery Staple Gun 9 Inch Shears available on Etsy More Upholstery Supplies available
 Pneumatic tacker for use with 7100 series staples 9″ Heavy duty shears
Web Stretcher available on Etsy Curved Needles available on Etsy Regulator available on Etsy
Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher Curved Needle Kit of 4 common sizes 10″ All Steel Regulator