Miniature Furniture Suite with World Decor

Miniature living room suite with cultural decor

When I was a child, my dollhouses provided me with hours of free-play joy. What made my dollhouse experience perhaps different from other children is that I tossed out the dolls and played with the furniture. Adorning the rooms of my dollhouses then were a combination of molded-plastic furniture and furniture I made out of found objects from around the house. The household’s junk-drawer, my dad’s tool box, and my mom’s sewing basket were among some of my favourite places that yielded bounties of dollhouse outfitting.

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30 DIY Upholstery Tools for the Beginner to Intermediate

Collage of DIY Upholstery tools

So, you finally found some spare time to reupholster the dining room chairs or the flea market find that’s been collecting dust. Before you head over to your local hardware shop or community tool share hub, you may want to make a checklist of the specific upholstery tools and protective gear needed to complete your project.

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DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland with Rodney Chair Detail

Not every holiday decoration needs to be glitter-fied and look like it was made by Christmas elves. Sometimes something a little rough around the edges says Christmas just as much as the day after Halloween. That’s where this DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland enters the scene. Hang it indoors or out, it’s really not that fussy and pretty easy to make.

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DIY Embroidered PEACE Bunting


Bunting pennants are on trend right now and so is embroidery. And peace should always be trending. This DIY embroidered PEACE bunting made a cool addition to my niece’s room which I fixed up for her while she studies at my alma mater in Toronto.

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