Miniature Installation Suite #2

miniature installation suite in bookcase

Like a rogue jet stream taking a flight off course, Covid-19 is sending some of us to lands previously unknown. That’s how I got here. Miniature Installation Suite #2 (MIS#2) is now complete (you can read about Miniature Installation Suite #1 here) and now this 1:12 scale work is something I’ll be adding to my wheelhouse. 

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Miniature Furniture Suite with World Decor

Miniature living room suite with cultural decor

When I was a child, my dollhouses provided me with hours of free-play joy. What made my dollhouse experience perhaps different from other children is that I tossed out the dolls and played with the furniture. Adorning the rooms of my dollhouses then were a combination of molded-plastic furniture and furniture I made out of found objects from around the house. The household’s junk-drawer, my dad’s tool box, and my mom’s sewing basket were among some of my favourite places that yielded bounties of dollhouse outfitting.

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Last Second Holiday Gift Guide

Items selected for Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Time to face the Christmas carols. The 25th is right at our doorstep and as much as I try to approach the holidays with a plan, Christmas day has a way of kicking down my front door and bellowing “I’m here …where are the gifts!” while I’m still in my bathrobe.

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30 DIY Upholstery Tools for the Beginner to Intermediate

Collage of DIY Upholstery tools

So, you finally found some spare time to reupholster the dining room chairs or the flea market find that’s been collecting dust. Before you head over to your local hardware shop or community tool share hub, you may want to make a checklist of the specific upholstery tools and protective gear needed to complete your project.

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The Canadiana Style

Selection of authors choice Canadiana Decor

Canada is forests, great lakes, rocky mountain, prairies, Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It’s big cities, remote communities and sprawling suburbs. It’s the Inuit and Métis; the Algonkin, Cree, Iroquois, Okanagon, Squawmish, Haida, Micmac and some 600 more First Nations first. Then everyone else second.

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