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Author restoring Louis XV style chair

Welcome to Suite City Woman (SCW)! I’m Roxanne, maker, restorer, re-imagineer, small business owner and blogger.

SCW is a site where I support and feature all things LeCaShe (pronounced Le-Ca-shay), an acronym I created which stands for Local economy, Craftspeople and artist, and Second-hand economy. I believe that you can make incredibly creative spaces by supporting some or all the LeCaShe principles.

Supporting LeCaShe is a step away from mass-produced, cheaply made goods and a step towards the creativity found in your community, in hand-crafted and artistic pieces and in second-hand and salvaged items. The benefits of supporting LeCaShe are economically stronger neighbourhoods, stronger connections to craftspeople and artists, reduction of your carbon footprint–and it may even save you money.

SCW will also serve as a platform to highlight the pieces I craft with Burkcraft Furniture Company under the Hollis Newton (HN) brand. HN is a product line that promotes well-crafted, small-batch, artisanal products.

Wherever possible, I use scrap leather and natural sustainable fibers. I also utilize the second-hand economy to obtain furniture pieces that I reimagine.

The Russell Chair by SCW for Hollis Newton Canada
The Russell Chair, upholstered by SCW for Hollis Newton

About the title “SCW”. I’m a lover of  R&B, rock & roll, jazz, soul, hip-hop, reggae, soca, calypso, African beats…you name it. Music plays a big role in my life and there’s bound to be tunes spinning in the background or streaming in my headphones as I work my way through a project. Little wonder, it’s to music that I found my blog title, a play on words from the song “Sweet City Woman”, a hit by Canadian rock band, The Stampeders in 1971.

stampeders album cover 1971



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