Last Second Holiday Gift Guide

Items selected for Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Time to face the Christmas carols. The 25th is right at our doorstep and as much as I try to approach the holidays with a plan, Christmas day has a way of kicking down my front door and bellowing “I’m here …where are the gifts!” while I’m still in my bathrobe.

It seems like I just can’t get organized enough …correction, organized. Period. And that’s in spite of all the blatant reminders decking the halls and malls a minute after Halloween.

With 3 shopping days to go, I’ve compiled a last-second gift list the LeCashe way, naturally. These gifts make a nice addition to any home of those interested in supporting their local economy, craftspeople, artist and the second-hand economy. Happy Holidays everyone!

1. This wood Wall Mounted House is a perfect gift for the collectors of small treasures on your list. Crafted by Leventhal-Vermaat Design. 23″ H x 15″ W x 3 1/2″ D, $85 CAD.
2. To the well-curated home homeowner on your list, handcrafted details are everything. This handmade drum lamp shade by Jenny San Martin Design can also be custom sized. Pictured here, the Mown/Pause: 16″D , 11″H, $127.00 CAD.
3. Shop, reuse, reimagine. A Value Village gift card makes a perfect gift for the thrifty second-hand shopper on your list who enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Gift cards are available in denominations up to $250. Or how about a membership to the Toronto Tool Library? Great gift for the crafty DIY-er short on space and tools. Memberships start at $55/year CAD.
4. This handsome Hermes-style 1970s cork parquetry Ice Bucket with leather strap makes a perfect gift for those poised in the art of home entertaining. $120 from Era Antiques.
5. The Beau chair (aka Montgolfier Chair) is rich with history and makes a great gift for a family ready to start new traditions. The design dates back to the 1700s and is refinished with aniline dyed leather and pewter-coloured finishing nails. Available through Hollis Newton Canada $950 CAD.
6. Protects, preserves and enhances. For the lovers of second-hand furnishing in your circle, Beau Grain Wax will help maintain their treasured pieces. Available in 180ml tins, $18 CAD.
7. From the artist, illustrator and craftsperson, Christine Tatilon, the “Fish Before” and “Fish After” pillows make great gifts for those with a good sense of humour. 14″ x 20″, Available at Anizet. $62.00 ea. CAD.


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