support lecashe 2022

SCW PRESENTS SUPPORT LeCaShe (pronounced Le-Ca-shay)

This year challenge yourself, your family and your friends to support their local economy, craftspeople, artists, and second-hand economy. LeCaShe, is the acronym that puts this all together: Local economy, Craftspeople, artists and Second-hand economy.

Wherever you live, that’s where you begin. Start by donating unwanted and used clothes and household items to your local charity store or selling or trading them on online classified sites.

Need or want somethings? Shop in your neighbourhood, buy directly from craftspeople and artists or check online classifieds, trading or freecycle sites or second-hand stores and flea markets.

Supporting LeCaShe is a step away from mass-produced, cheaply made goods and a step towards the creativity found in your community, in hand-crafted and artistic pieces and in second-hand items. The benefits of supporting LeCaShe are stronger neighbourhoods, stronger connections to craftspeople and artists, reduction of your carbon footprint and it may even save you money. Ca-ching!

Throughout 2022, share some of your LeCaShe stories here and use the hashtags #LeCaShe, #SupportLeCaShe and #LeCasheChallenge2022 in social media.

But most of all, have fun, be creative and feel good about the way in which you spend your money, support your community and craftspeople.


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