In a Rub a Dub Suite Style


Caribbean decor need not always be represented by heavy colonial or rattan furnishings with light and breezy pastel tones.

If you ever had a chance to take a non-resort type Caribbean visit, you may have noticed that the locals are very industrious people, recycling and repurposing things out of necessity, ingenuity and as a way of life. On this SCW Style Page, that spirit along with the rhythmic vibes of reggae serve as inspiration for a remixed style that blends easily with natural materials such as leather, wood, tin, metal and burlap. The look is otherwise worldly, current and laid-back like a tropical vacation.

1. 1960s Danish three-seat vintage design sofa; $3,000 USD from 1stdibs. 2.1950s Thonet-style table lamp from 1stdibs. 3. Red, yellow and black pottery pots; $41.63 ea. CAD from Charity Elise on Etsy. 4. Green and golden velvet pillows; $125 USD from Arianna Belle and Burlap coffee-bag pillows covers; $31.22 and $41.63 CAD from Old Lake George. 5. Ivory Beni Ouarain Rug; $500-$5000. Search online for the best prices and quality. This one from 1stdibs. 6. Luxembourg-metal cabinet from Abigail Ahern. 7. Hubert rustic lodge white-washed wood coffee table from Houzz. 8. Corrugated zinc pot from Save-on-crafts. Potted palm not included. 9. Haitian Recycled Metal Steel Drum Sun Mask; $34.99 USD from Gifts with Humanity.10. Vintage metal numbers, #5 #4, #6; $21-$26 CAD from The Old Time Junk Shop on Etsy, #4; $21 CAD from Time Passages, also on Etsy. 11. Cadillac-style, retro chair from, Not on High Street. 12. From Life 3, mixed media on wood, 60x48in; contact artist for price, Sandra Brewster.

Note: SCW will occasionally source large online retailers that sell vintage and well-crafted items. However, those same items can often be found through online classifieds, thrift stores and flea markets, or directly from craftspeople, artist and small businesses.



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