DIY Embroidered PEACE Bunting


Bunting pennants are on trend right now and so is embroidery. And peace should always be trending. This DIY embroidered PEACE bunting made a cool addition to my niece’s room which I fixed up for her while she studies at my alma mater in Toronto.

This was only my second embroidery project so it’s suitable for beginners. It took me about two days to complete each letter, but this was done in between other projects, real work, and life in general.

Once complete, string on a wall or across a fireplace mantle and give this DIY PEACE bunting a chance to adorn your space.

• canvas or linen fabric bunting (approx. 6.5”w x 7”h ea.)
• embroidery floss, 3 different colours*
• embroidery needle
• carbon paper
• string or jute twine
• PEACE lettering Click here to download the Peace Template
• scissors
• hot glue gun

* I used something called Embroidery Thread and 50g 100% cotton yarn, spliced into 2 strands, both items from Dollarama.

STEP 1. Transfer individual letter to bunting pennants using carbon paper. TIP: If you’re using your own lettering, before printing, apply a 1-3pt stroke to your letters and make fill white to save printer ink.


STEP 2. Embroider an outline of each colour section. I used a simple Split Stitch which is suitable for outlines. TIP: Use colour pencils to lightly block out your colours if it will help you keep track.


STEP 3. Use the same Split Stitch to fill in letters. To keep it simple and neat, keep stitches all going in the same direction.


STEP 4. Cut about 10′ of jute string and use glue gun to attache to back of pennants. TIP: Use a quarter to make the spacing between pennants equal.PEACE_C_GlueGunDemo

STEP 5. Allow hot glue to dry before hanging. Cut any excess string or twine from each end so that you have equal hanging string on both sides.

Go ahead, raise your festoon in the air, you’re all done!


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