DIY Vintage Sewing Pattern Decoupage Coasters

DIY Vintage Sewing Pattern Coasters

Who doesn’t like a little friendly crafting competition? These DIY Vintage Sewing Pattern Decoupage Coasters were part of the weekly featured challenge and I was game…and a little thirsty.

• cork coasters
• vintage sewing pattern
• adhesive paste (I used wallpaper paste)
• parcel paper or brown paper bag
• scissors
• pencil
• ruler
• brush
• crafting acrylic paint
• varnish

STEP 1. Paint the top and sides of coasters.

STEP 2. On parcel paper, print or draw four circles the same size as coasters.


STEP 3. Trace parcel paper circles onto sewing pattern paper. You can trace parts of circle and piece traced sections together to complete a full circle as I did.


STEP 4. Cut circles out of parcel paper. Mix wallpaper paste as per product instructions and adhere to coasters using wallpaper paste. Apply with brush to both sides.


STEP 5. Paste sections of sewing pattern paper over parcel paper and let dry completely.


STEP 6. Finish with a couple layers of varnish. Let dry.


Cheers, you’re now ready to coast and craft into the holiday season. Please craft responsibly!



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