Music in Decor: This is House Music

Embroidered Rock Steady Loop with detail of Rodney Chair

Every home makes music. Sometimes it’s the quiet monastic chant heard in the tranquility of monochromatic interiors or it’s the ebullient tempo of a colourful Bohemian home. Other times that connection to music is visual as seen in musical instruments hanging from a wall, a vintage record player on a credenza, or even lyrics framed as wall art.

And yet still, we can synchronize that natural rhythm and visual harmony with an orchestrated euphony in the spaces that surround us. Shuffling a playlist, spinning wax, playing or composing music with instruments are just a few of the ways that we do so.

This is house music.

Album covers as wall art

I took a look at some of the ways in which music has tuned itself into our homes and struck a chord with our auditory and visual senses.

What is the soundtrack of your home?

Amped up Amsterdam loft

A Mbira or thumb piano, among collectibles arranged on a shelf

Eastern musical instruments displayed in Chicago home

Gramophone atop a record collection

Cool baby's room with boom-box

Decorating with guitars



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