Use Online Classifieds to Help Decorate Your Home

Age of Aquarius Home Suite Style

Many astrologers herald April of 1995 as the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius”. That year in the San Francisco Bay Area, Craig Newmark began an email distribution list, posting notices of social events of interest to friends.

That list grew into what we know today as Craigslist. According to astrologers the Age of Aquarius is dominated by networks where information is given freely to humanity. This sums up the function of Craigslist and other online shared economy sites sufficiently. A simple search on online classified sites may just be the connectivity you need to link you to that wish-list piece for your home.

This style page is brought to you by the dawning of the Aquarian Age, where golden living dreams of visions are now just an internet search away.

What home decor item(s) have you purchased from Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay or other online classified sites?

1. Vintage Drexel Danish Modern Style Sofa, $449.99 USD from eBay. 2.Mid-century modern Danish Teak Coffee Table, $575 CAD from Kijiji. 3. Vintage Turkish Kilim Area Rug 41″x 68″, $375.00 USD from eBay. 4. Charcoal drawing,19.7”x27.5” by Anat Ostrovsky, $716.49 CAD available on Etsy. 5.100-percent Cotton Hand Twisted Throw 50″x60″ (Set of 2) on sale $38.54 CAD from 6. Indigo and mud cloth pillows, $102 – $116 CAD from One Fine Nest on Etsy. 7. Mid-century modern, Lotte Bostlund Ceramic Table Lamp, $275 CAD from Craigslist. 8. Flavia, Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas 58″x38″ by Carl Karni Bain from Spence Gallery contact gallery for price. 9. Vintage Italian Armchair, $761.39 USD from eBay.10. Vintage ’70s German, Sgraffito Ceramic Planter Pot, $23.81 CAD from 905digs on Etsy. 11. Mid-century modern Teak cylinder side table, 19″Dx18″tall $325 CAD from, Kijiji.

Note: SCW will occasionally source large online retailers that sell vintage and well-crafted items. However, those same items can often be found through online classifieds, thrift stores and flea markets, or directly from craftspeople, artist and small businesses.



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  • Yes, to all this. Especially love the indigo toss cushions! Last summer we bought a floor lamp off Craigslist, nothing that would make a style page but we like it.

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