DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland with Rodney Chair Detail

Not every holiday decoration needs to be glitter-fied and look like it was made by Christmas elves. Sometimes something a little rough around the edges says Christmas just as much as the day after Halloween. That’s where this DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland enters the scene. Hang it indoors or out, it’s really not that fussy and pretty easy to make.

• silicone Christmas tree mould
• cement mix (I used Rapid Set, Multi-Purpose)
• mixing bowl and mixing tool (spatula, spoon, paint stick etc.)
• 1 – 2 “skinny” drinking straws
• small pieces of plastic wrap or plastic bag
• toothpick, small nail or stick pin
• scissors
• wooden beads
• string

STEP 1. Pre-cut your pieces of straw. You’ll want to make them the width of the upper part of the tree, about 1/4” down from the top. I bevelled my edges for an easier fit. Stuff centre with plastic wrap (use a toothpick or pin). This will prevent cement from entering the straw channel once emerged in the cement. Have those ready to go as the cement will start to dry quickly.


STEP 2. Mix your cement as per product instructions. Fill moulds with cement and place straws with plastic filled centres about 1/4” down from the top.


STEP 3.Once dry remove trees from the mould and push out plastic wrap. You should have a clear channel to pass your string through.


STEP 4 Cut your string to your desired length and add your beads and cement trees. TIP: Twelve cement trees can get a little heavy for your string so try making multiple beaded garlands with 3, or 5 trees.

So right after you’ve kicked the jack-o-lantern to the compost, go deck the halls with these cement tree garlands.




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