Religious, Spiritual and Cultural Icons in Home Decor

People go there to pray, lament, sing, reflect, praise and celebrate. From early history, places of worship have ranged from gatherings of a few people around a fire or village square to assembling in architectural spectacles.

Same could be said for homes. Whether it be a trailer, condo or mansion, homes are our own private sanctuaries with their sense of order and system of rules. Where we observe traditions from holidays to Sunday morning pancake breakfasts. And where we surround ourselves with familiar faces and things.

It’s only natural then, that over time some of these things that were once and may still be rooted in religious and spiritual beliefs – some appropriated, some still rooted to their origin – have made their way onto our walls, bookshelves and other vignettes around the home

I took a look at some of these items in decor. Today they may have been stripped of their original function or significance but because they still carry meaning steeped in tradition and spiritual belief, they can be appreciated for more than just their decorative value.

See if you can spot the items of religious, spiritual or cultural significance in these photos.

What items in your home are rooted in religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs?

Bohemian Bedroom

Mid-Century Wall Unit

Japanese Torrii as design element

Church pew as dining room seating

Thrift store make-over

Coptic Crosses

Mudcloth Upholstered Chairs


Cross and rosary as design accessory

Juju or Bamileke Hat

A dream catcher hangs over a bed; A menorah sits atop a Mid-Century Modern wall unit; A Japanese torii placed above a fireplace; A church pew as additional dining table seating; A pair of Ganesha statues on a fireplace mantle; Coptic crosses as a bedroom gallery wall and Moroccan wedding blanket on bed; Chair reupholstered in traditional Malian mudcloth; A wooden cross as part of a vignette above an armoire; Wooden rosary beads above a fireplace; Traditional Cameroonian Juju or Bamileke hat as wall art and focal point



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