The Glamorous-Life Decor, the LeCashe Way

Glamorous items for Living Room

Some may assume that the LeCaShe approach to interior design can only achieve a small range of interior styles. Bohemian or intentionally thrifted, to name a few. But that assumption would be incomplete.

Any interior style can be achieved by supporting your local economy, craftspeople and artist and the second-hand economy.

On this style page, I assembled some living room items that exemplifies true glamorous living using the LeCashe principles. Check online classifieds, estate sales, flea markets and auctions, artist exhibits and studio tours to achieve any interior style that suits you.

What is your interior style and where do you shop for it?

1. “FETISH”, by Kwame Delfish @kwamedelfishart; 2. 1920s Leather Wingback Loveseat, $2,409 US Ebay; 3. Antique Pineapple Lamp, $412 CAD, Etsy; 4. Vintage French Provincial Style Glass top Coffee table, Ebay $450 USD; 5. Antique Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug $2500 CAD; 6. Leather lumbar pillows, $60 ea, Hollis Newton Canada by SCW; 7. Nude Wood Sculpture by Jakob Wainshtein $7,127 CAD Etsy; 8. Antique French Provincial, $7,895 Ebay; 9. Full-grain leather and Hair-on-Hide Louis XV upholstered chair, 2,100 CAD, Hollis Newton Canada by SCW


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